Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Trip to Israel, part 3

DAY 3, Friday
(I don't remember, but I'm almost positive I actually wrote this up like Sunday night or even Monday...)
I woke up at 6, again. This morning we went to the Lebanese border, in Misgav Am. It is on a mountaintop overlooking Southern Lebanon. In the village closest to Israel, only Chezbollah terrorists or Chezbollah-funded institutions are there. Many houses are not used for living, but for arms warehouses and firing platforms. That's why no windows have glass- so they can shoot at us. We could see some UN buildings, sitting pleasantly on a hill in Lebanon across the fence, not really doing anything. At the moment, they have Indonesian troops. Actually, what they are doing now is removing Israeli mines in that area, making it easier for Chezbollah to come through if they try invading again. The people in Misgav Am, and Shaba Farms, and the nearby area, are not worried for their safety so much. The Chezbolah won't attack unless told to by their leader, who is backed by Iran. Iran's mission, according to a speaker there, is t o get to Saudi Arabia, and to do that, first they need to go through Israel.
We were given a fascinating speech by this older, Chevra-man who served in the army, and lived in Misgav Am. "I'm not a pacifist!" was the biggest understatement he said. He had us rolling with his blunt views on Lebanon and the Muslim's Global War to conquer all nations and submit them to Islam. He said that just two weeks ago, he pointed out a house to some tourists, where Chezbollah were firing rockets from earlier in the year. After a minute, 3 figures appeared on that rooftop, looking back at them! It is a tense area, but relatively safe since all the terrorists listen when told not to attack, unlike the PLO, etc. Still, I couldn't help but imagine how I should react incase we heard gunfire.
We then went rafting down the Jordan River, in Kfar Blum, which was fun and relaxing. We shouted out "shalom" and spoke with all the other boaters, as we passed. Of course, being chabadniks, we sang songs about Moshiach with the boaters, and had a farby on the river.
Then we stopped at a little mall in Chatzur. I think it was near Kiryat Shemona?
Then we went to Amuka, where Yonatan Ben Uziel is buried. They say it is a segula for a shidduch, to daven there. Upstairs, is a blue dome, which we heard rumors about walking around it 7 times... And all over, people had tied bags or strings or tichels, as segulos also. Even though there are signs from Rabannim that it isn't a segula and you shouldn't. We heard a story how a girl had taken a picture there, and that year got married. Later, with her new husband, they were going through pictures, and a guy in the pic that she took there was her husband!!! So we all had our cameras ready. Alas, there weren't too many elgible women. The one lady I did see that I managed to get in a picture, later we found her chatting with one of our Israeli tour guides!! Huh, huh!?!?!
There is a little picnic area down the hill, and a sign that says it's a picnic area looks like a matzevah. so we thought it would be funny if we got out siddurim and started shuckling near it, and put pebbles on top, but we didn't have time to do it.
Driving back to our motel for Shabbos, we passed the Kineret. The scenery here is absolutely breath-takingly gorgeous!
Oh. When we were up on the army base near Lebanon, we couldn't see the Mediteranian, since it was so cloudy. We'll probably be able to see it later, though. I hope.