Sunday, August 31, 2008



I wrote down a basic outline of what I did and what went down, while I was there. I don't know if I'll have a computer in L.A. If I do, stay tuned, obviously, because I've got tons to tell you about my trip, and probably about everything that will be happening on my shlichus.
I leave in a few hours to the airport. For a five hour flight. After just getting back at five in the morning from a 12 hour flight.
Happy Labor Day, and if you're in the Heights, stay off the streets until the parade is over. As my old menahel used to say: the parade is sakanos nefashos mamash, begashmius u'bruchnios!

And again, my trip was absolutely fantastic. The best trip of my life.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

So there I was...

So there I was in bed, this morning. I didn't want to sleep in too late, so I was a little anxious about waking up in time. There was no clock in my room. I rolled over, and in my dream (I'm serious about this. Not making it up) I asked this guy what time it was. He replied that it was 11 am.
11 am!!! I jumped out of bed, and woke up my bro. "Hey, I think it's 11 o'clock!!" He started to rise. I left the room and checked what time it was.
7:15 am.

Moral of the story: Never listen to people in your dreams if you want the accurate answer. It may very well turn out to be a nightmare, instead of a dream, and they're out to get ya'.

Just in case of time travel

I was thinking that it would be extremely important and useful for me to study and remember the dates and times of all major eclipses, starting like 1,000 years ago, just in case I go back in time, and need to prove I'm a sorcerer.
I can't believe I haven't done so, yet. Ya'll have already, I'm sure, right?

Monday, August 18, 2008

Finished with camp

That's right. Sadly, I'm done with CGI manalapan. It was a really awesome summer, and I'm already thinking of going back. And if you live in manalapan, freehold, deal, long branch, east brunswick, alberon, edison, marlboro or anywhere else nearby, make sure to send your kids there next summer!!

Wii update: I played Wii only once. It was in Six Flags. It was for two minutes. I had to shoot down some floating boxes or something, and it was pretty lame, actually. Still, the curse is broken. I got my Wii.

On the last day of camp, some campers were crying, including one from my bunk. I felt so sad for him, and proud at the same time, that I had that good of an impression on him and made camp that much fun. I found out later that he was just upset that he didn't win a raffle for tickets to a baseball game...

It was really funny. I was shooting some hoops with a camper of mine who lived in Lakewood, and there were a whole bunch of kids watching us (they probably don't see many Lubavitchers often). Being the nice guy I am, and a camp counselor, I held the ball out and smiled towards the kids watching. I asked this six or seven year old girl, "Hey, do you guys wanna play, too?" At which she just stood there shocked, eyes wide open, jaw to the ground. My co-counselor Yudi whispered to me quickly, "Yossi! We can't do that! We're in Lakewood, remember!?"
Oh, right.

I made a tie-dye shirt in camp, which came out pretty much pink and purple, and I wrote on it in big letters: I "heart" (meaning the shape) Hashem.
I wore it around in a WalMart outside of Lakewood, and everybody was staring at me. The Jewish people would all glance, and then do the double-take, and quickly look away, as if I didn't know exactly what they were doing, and there were some workers in the store that I heard talk about me as they passed: "I love Hasheem?!!" I am afraid to think who they thought Hasheem may be, and why I professed my love to him on my shirt.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


I can't greet you. So my title is just the translation of hello in Spanish. Just a translation. Not a greeting. I hope your fast is meaningful and easy. I'm online at an Apple Store like a half hour from my house in L' wood. I have one more week of camp, and then soon off to Israel, IY"H.
Here's a quickie for ya to think about:
My friend told me that his brother, a Rabbi, was in Atlanta. At the supermarket, he only had a few items to purchase, and he saw that the woman behind him had more items. So he asked her to step in front of him. After seeing this, the woman at the cash register exclaimed, "Wow, Rabbi, that was mighty Christian of you!"
Oh. I finally thought ahead of time, and bought beans, for Tisha B'Av, but where I was last night- the shliach didn't think his congregation was a Kli for it. So now what do I do with so many beans?

Friday, August 1, 2008


I'm not making this up. This is totally true. On the way to a Six Flags, we passed a McDonald's, and they were hiring. The sign read: "Hiring workers for 8:00 pm (or something like that) and on, and losers for all day"
I doubt that the company headquarters sent out a memo with anything like that on it. The guy was probably fired. But come on, losers?!?!!?!?!?!


Have you ever been a guest at somebody's house for the evening, and the whole time dead scared that they can smell the awful smell of goats on you???
It is verrry unsettling. I tried shifting my body, so only part of me was close to them, whenever I had to talk to the parents. I don't know what the word is for not being able to smell, but only one of those would not have noticed my...goat scent.
Try not to get into a predicament like that. Trust me.