Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Smack Dab

So everyone's smack dab in the middle (that is the only correct adjective for 'middle': smack dab) of the summer. I finally made it to some more internet (although I wasn't really trying...), so I tried to answer back on comments, and since I'm here, and I was just given an extra 10 minutes by the nice Library people, I might as well post something. Normally I know what inyan I'll want to write about, but I thought I'd only really get time to check my gmail and facebook, and shmais, and aol. And only then my blog.
Yeah, camp's been fun. My bunk (Hey) merged with the other bunk of 8-year-olds (Daled) to form Bunk Daley!! And shhh, don't a soul, but at the end of the week, me and my new co. will breaking out Bunk War, IY"H. Send a holler if you can think of names for the teams. The staff still need to decide if we want to do Color war for the whole camp.
In Wii news: I still have not played a Wii!!! At six flags, there was a Wii Station, and the counselors stayed later in the park after the campers left, so one of things we did was go to the Wii place, and the first console I went to, it had to show a 20-hour video in lego people before you could play, so I quickly went to a different console, but it didn't have the nunchuck (I'm not sure why you need it, and what it does) so I couldn't play!! Oh, well.
The weekly journal is going pretty good, baruch hashem. Sometimes the things I write are funny, but sometimes the journal is just... ok. Which isn't bad. Just not great. I'm the main writer/editor/whatever you want to call it, but others add their own stuff. The main problem is that I can't write so much, and that we have the aichus, just not the kamus.

We weren't able to go jet-skiing this Sunday, which was a real bummer. We spent like six hours in the car total. We were on the dock, had watched the safety video, had life-jackets on, but then this hurricane-like storm just plopped down on us, and that was it. We don't too much in terms of after-camp activities, and trips. I don't mind so much. The one thing I'm really happy about, and proud, too, is that we don't have "movie nights" or anything like that. Some guys watch movies on i-pods, but in so many other camps, including one that is not as cool as mine, I've heard some counselors there tell me that basically all they do is watch movies, after camp. And internet. So it feels rewarding that five and a half weeks into a day camp, and the only movie I've watched is 10 minutes of The Magic School Bus!! (It was at someone's house, where we went for Shabbos.)

I just read this post, and I'm sorry for it being so boring. I told you, I didn't really prepare. There are a myriad of things I'd like to speak about, most nothing to do with camp, but I can't post something now, and just get back to it 3 weeks later. So just to leave you at least with something funny, here's a joke:
There are two people in a boat, Pete, and Repete....

Oh. You know that one. Darn it. Sorry, then. That's all that I have. Maybe you can just share jokes with each other.