Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Well, I'm back, BH

Baruch Hashem, I'm still here to keep the blog alive.
I gulped down some cheesecake over yom tov, just to keep the suspicious authorities at bay. Make them think I might not be the one they want.
But let me tell ya', it was unbearably hot these past couple o' days.
Of course, I am only joking. Obviously it was bearable, or else none of us would be here, chas vshalom. Just a figure of speech.
And the hour and a half Tahalucha was pretty draining. Although the heat was not the worst of my problems...
Anyway, there is a longstanding debate among lubavitchers as to the method of carrying water on tahalucha. Some maintain that you actually expend more energy carrying the water, than you save by actually drinking it. I wasn't sure... but now I am totally certain of one thing. It may or may not be worth it to carry one or two bottles of water with you, but carrying seven bottles of water (and what idiot do we know out there would even be stupid enough to do something like that? especially if he and the others he was carrying for only drank two bottles??) is definitely not worth the energy.
One of the funnier things on Tahalucha was when we were walking back (I went to Boro Park). Some little kids were making fun of us, and telling us big non-Lubavitch Rebbeim were speaking in a certain shul, and we should stay and listen... They then yelled after us: Lubavitcher Meshugaim. Their mothers all shushed them, as if what was said at their tables shouldn't be spoken aloud.
No, no. I'm just kidding. They were I'm sure, good people, and we're not innocent either of making fun of those not similar to us.
When R. Weinfeld joked to me that those kids might have started to throw rocks, I puffed out my chest, and proudly told him that I would gladly stand in the way of their volley, and block the rocks.
I hope everyone else had a cool Shavuos.
Did you know I finish Yeshiva in a week and a half?
I did.