Monday, May 12, 2008

When we're bored...

This past Thursday night, I did something that I regret now. I wasted two whole hours on it. First it was just me and another, but then more and more guys joined us. We finished at 1:30 in the morning!! I feel embarrassed just saying what we did, but I'll tell you anyways:
We played the question game.
That's right. For two whole hours.
There are a few different variations that you could play, but our game was the most basic: Everything you said had to be a question.
Rules? The rules are: There are no rules!!! (We were playing the question game as they do on the streets, yo)
So even the word "pizza" could be a question, as long as you ended off on a really high note. And it does make sense as a question like if you were told you'd be eating dinner, so you asked, "Pizza??".
For all of you out there, always know that the most dangerous question to ever ask anyone is: "Wanna play the question game?"
The guy you asked could say simply, "no". Or he could ask you back, "Why, do you want to?" and it goes from there.
The way it happened with us was slightly different. I asked my friend if he wanted to play chess, and then he asked me if I really wanted to. And then I uttered the words that I now regret, "Are we playing the question game??" And it started.
The game got sooooo annoying. It gave everyone a headache. But it eventually spread to our entire floor. Some continued to play it in Zal the next morning (But even I wasn't that loserish).
And nobody really gets out, either. Because let's say someone said something you thought was a statement, or he added the "What do you think, Yossi?" part after too long of a pause, so you'll ask him and everyone around you, "Didn't you just get out?" But nobody wants to say, "Yes he did" because then they'd be out. So you get a question back as your answer, "No, are you out?"
Those two hours were seriously a nightmare, and I fully regret ever asking, "are we playing the question game?"