Monday, May 12, 2008

When it rains on my parade

I know I already said how I don't like walking around with an umbrella when other people are different heights, but on Friday on mivtzoim, it really was the last straw. It was pouring out, so of course we all had umbrellas.
What really made me just lose it was the scaffolding above sidewalks, where the sidewalk becomes like a one-and-a-half way walkway. It would be hard enough without umbrellas, but it was nearly impossible with.
The trick is too jump on your tiptoes and hold your umbrella as high as you can, or suddenly squat to your knees and bring your umbrella to other people's waist level, so the umbrellas don't get caught in one another.
Somebody watching from the other side of the street must have thought it looked like a weird dance of some sort.
I am thinking now about putting spikes at the end of my umbrella, and carrying it at normal height. Let everyone duck and swerve and spin if they don't want their faces cut or their umbrellas mauled.
I think in the end, I have decided this: I'll just get wet. It's not worth it to be dry.