Thursday, May 22, 2008


So I wanted a cheap way of whitening my teeth. I've used the white strips before, but I was sure that here on Kingston they'd be like thirty bucks.
That's when I finally read the small print on my tube of toothpaste.
It says: For Best Results, Squeeze Tube From Bottom and Flatten As You Go Up.

There it was!! The answer!! All I needed to do was squeeze from the bottom, and I'd get better results, which means whiter teeth!!!!
And I've never noticed whiter teeth, because I have never, ever, ever, squeezed from the bottom for the whole time!
Once I did try, I really did. It lasted about two days until I started just squeezing from the middle or even (gasp) the top!! It's just so much easier.
But now that I am determined, I will try to do the whole tube, from the bottom.
Have any of you found out if it helps your teeth or not?
Let me know, so I don't have to wait a whole month...