Monday, May 12, 2008

Speaking of rain...

It was rainy out on Friday night, also. I brought my overcoat home, so all I really had to wear to shul was.... my poncho.
Right now I can envision everyone cringing.
I know, I know.
But I had no choice. Most people I asked in my dorm said it didn't look too pathetic. They did tell me to take it off as soon as I got indoors, though.
I mean, come on, though, what comes first, comfort or looks?
Obviously looks.
Which is why it took me a long time to finally decide just to wear it.
My decision was totally justified, though, in my opinion, when I saw that none other than Charlie Buttons himself was also wearing a poncho.
Of course, we were the only two.... but still. It must still be in style, right? Or did they truly die in the 1990's?
On the bright side, all my friends were able to pick me out from a crowd...