Monday, May 12, 2008

A P'tor from Mother's Day

That's right. A p'tor. An exemption. Every year I apply for one from Hallmark, but I'm never accepted. They must have too many applications.
Usually I use my "I'm in Yeshiva so I don't have time to buy a present" excuse. And usually it's true.
So instead every year I just give a phone call, and tell my sisters to add my name to whatever they bought.
So I'll be ready for next year. I think I'll try applying even earlier, by around Yud Shvat time, to Hallmark.
It was very cute, I should mention, how everyone on Kingston was carrying flowers, even old dudes with flowing white beards. And old here means about 40. Sorry everybody that age, but you're kinda old, in my opinion. Although, maybe I shouldn't be talking, with my birthday coming up...

Okay, okay. I obviously was joking about if you are 40, then you are incredibly old. 45, maybe. 40, no.