Monday, May 26, 2008

My Birthday

Tonight I am turning 20, IY"H.
That's right. Twenty.
Say it. Twenty.
See how it just rolls off your tongue?
It is a perfect word. (Almost like the word incognito, which is one of the best ever)
I mean, think about it. In five hours, if you were to ask me how old I am, I would answer, "Well, I'm twenty."
It's not that I've never thought I would get to twenty. It's just that when you are ten, twenty seems.... old.
Now it's 40.
But I'm halfway there.
Halfway to old.

My farbrengen will be tomorrow night, IY"H. It will also be for my brother, whose birthday falls out exactly the same day as mine this year.
I don't think my friends are getting me anything. Which is fine.
Last year they surprised me with a cake, and threw it in my face.
Yes, it sounds like good fun.
But trust me, when it is a frozen cake, and after smashing into your face, and the onto the floor, and still not making any dent into the cake whatsoever, well, it hurts.
A lot.
So you might also have gotten a teensy upset at your friends.
But then they brought me a normal cake, and we made up.
(Oh, they didn't mean for it to be frozen. If they had, I doubt I'd still be friends.)

Now I just need to practice answering, "I'm twenty," without smiling stupidly. And I could use a little deeper voice, in case the questioner has his doubts.