Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Lag B'Omer

This lag b'omer, since there's no parade here in the heights (only when it's Sunday), the yeshivos are all helping out with the Chabad-run parade in Boro Park.
Which just happens to be the biggest in the world (although someplace in Israel they claim that title, really it's our fellow borough who can brag).
There will be an estimated 8,000 kids (!!!!) who will be there. And these next days we'll be working after seder to make banners, v'chulu. And of course we'll each be a counselor for a bunk of 40 kids who have never seen each other before. There will be close to 200 bunks!!! And the kids aren't coming with their schools, but just dropped off, or whatever.
"Hectic" won't even come close.

And I have no idea why this font is messing up on me... sorry about the huge letters