Thursday, May 29, 2008

I'd give my right kidney

I really try to give blood as often as I can. I think I am really making a difference, and it's something which your body remakes anyway.
A few days ago I saw signs plastering Kingston about someone who desperately needs a kidney, in order to save his life, Rachmana L'Tzlan.
At first I thought- No way!
But then.... I mean, I have two, right? And obviously he has no family or close friends to donate, or else they wouldn't beg people on Kingston. If not me, then who?
What got me more curious was that all my friends I spoke to told me I was crazy.
I couldn't understand them. Why is it soooo crazy? I'd be saving this man's life, if my kidney matched.
This little kernel of uncertainty started to grow, and I spoke with Hanhalah members, about halachic issues, etc. Most agreed that I should first speak with my parents, who almost for sure would say no, so I wouldn't have the dilemma anyway. But all of them said how I wasn't crazy and how amazing it is to help someone in that way.
I just couldn't understand why all my friends thought it was 100% nuts. Like, couldn't they agree with me that it was only 80%, and maybe just maybe I should think more about it?
My father really surprised me by going through the difficulties someone with one kidney has to live with, in case I went through with it. He wasn't pleased, and later both my parents decided they didn't want me to do it, but he wasn't all, "No way. You are absolutely crazy," that my friends were. (I know I just used "he was all". It's okay.)
In the end I also decided that I for sure wasn't going to do it. Once I have a family, and that everyone I love has no problems, Chas V'shalom, that might warrant me to be glad I have one to give, then maybe I'll think about it.
I just really hope this person got his donation.
If he didn't... I'll be really heartbroken, I think.