Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Giving blood again

That's right, for the fifth time this year, my buddies and I put on a stoic and macho grimace, and walked into the donation center.
What was really cool this time was that they gave out free bags, too, along with the free dinner (but this time it was only for Mermelsteins. I know.). I'll for sure use this duffel bag, mainly because it says Maimonidies... Blood Donation Center, or something like that. If the hospital had a name like: The St. John's Baptist Episcopalian Hospital for Good Christians, like I've seen some that do, than I wouldn't have been too keen to walk around with a bag like that.
What scared the Bajeebees out of me was this person who was on the recliner, giving blood, and I saw doctors lifting a white blanket up over him. I couldn't see that they stopped it at his neck. I really thought they put it completely over his head, and you know what that means, chas v'shalom!!! I was like, "yeah, maybe not anymore...."
When I went to sit down on a recliner, I saw the one my doc wanted me in had the arm thingee for my right arm. I told him that I'd rather do my left, because it's easier. He says he'll just first try my right arm. I said that they did that once, and didn't find any blood. He just shrugged. Like it was so much easier for him to just stab me with a huge needle a bunch of times in case there might be a good vein, as opposed to getting me a different chair. Somehow I disagreed, and thought I'd help look for a different chair for him.
He saw I was agitated, and asked me what day it was.
Tuesday, I told him.
"Exactly," he answered me.
OOOOhhhhhh!! Of course. It was Tuesday. How could I be so stupid??!!!
But it seemed to him that that really did answer my questions and qualms. I didn't get it at all, until he told me that it was a different day, so maybe they'd have different luck.
And it turned out to be just fine, bh.
When I was getting up to go, my doctor told me, "Thank you for coming."
And of course, being the well-mannered gentleman I am, I replied with a smile, "Thanks for having me."