Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Beis Iyar

Today is the Rebbe Maharash's birthday. He was born in either 1834, or 1833 (I'm a little confused. In Hayom Yom it says Tzadik Gimmel, but in Y'mei Chabad it says Tzadik Daled...).
In the Sfiras Haomer, today is Tiferes Shb'tiferes. Which means the ultimate beauty.
His motto was always: "Lechatchilah Ariber", that when encountering an obstacle, the best way around or through it, is in fact to just jump over it.
We'll be farbrenging tonight, of course, in honor of the day. If I hear anything good, you'll be the first to know. Maybe. If I get here tomorrow. You might need to just wait until after Shabbos.