Monday, May 5, 2008


Yep. This is the 100th post.
And it nicely fits in with my four month anniversary of this blog.
Which makes it doubly momentous!!
So therefore this will be my Plutonium Anniversary.
I'm sure all of you are thinking the same thing: I never thought Yossi would really have that much to say to continue blogging for four months.
Well, in your face, so there, boo-yah, etc. Oh, and the snapping left of my face, then right, then down while smirking, and then after go "Chhhh!!" (try it out, you'll see what I'm trying to describe).
But four months is an incredibly long time!!
I mean, to put it into perspective, in just two more months, it will be a whole half of a year!!
And I'm not planning on slowing down. Except this summer, when I'll be busy. Oh, and maybe next year, too. But until then, you can continue to follow my struggles against adversity, or whatever I wrote in the poll that most of you would describe this blog as. And don't worry, I'll try to keep it as least amusing as possible.
Most people hate when humor gets in the way of fine writing, correct?