Tuesday, April 22, 2008

With my nose

Hey everyone.
I hope you all had a great Yom Tov.
It's now Chol HaMoed. Of course, many restrictions still apply to work. Like plowing fields. Even to write, it is better to write differently than you normally do, like use a different hand.
Hence my problem with this blog.
I use both my hands to type.
Therefore I am typing this post with my nose.
It takes a lot of work, but you are worth it!!

My sedarim went pretty well. There are some things that became a family tradition for us at the seder. Like the joke about our family having trouble "leaning to the left". We do that one every year. Usually sixteen times every Pesach.
Or how we attempt to sing every song we know, but horribly get it wrong for most, like Baruch HaMakom, Dayenu, and Al Achas.
Or how we have to sing the Frog Song when we get to the plagues (One morning when Paroh woke up in his bed...).
There are more, but I'm just forgetting them.

Soon my family will be going on our first Chol HaMoed outing. Since I have read Blumenkrantz, I'll be the one counting to make sure we have everyone.