Friday, April 11, 2008

Wind Poem

I found this just now. It's a poem I wrote.... um.... let's see... oh, here, when I was 14. So I guess that was about five years ago. And I don't remember at all who Percy Shelley is, but I guess we read his (her?) poem in class.
The Wind

(based on the rhyme scheme from Percy Shelley's "The Cloud")

In my wake the leaves shake
Those that hang on trees;
Through forests I tear, sweeping things into the air,
A stick or a twig I might seize.
Cheeks get pricks like pointed sticks
As I fiercely puff out my cheek;
Houses are split when I have a fit,
I don't even spare the weak.
The seas get swells and there are flying shells
When I violently exhale;
Fish swim away, afraid to stay,
If I let out a ferocious gale.
Hot spots cool down with a menacing frown
When I decide to show my fury;
I bring hurricanes with torrential rains,
And cause feeble humans to worry!

Don't even think about plagiarizing (I'm glad I have spell-check) this. If you want to copy it, quote my blog, and nobody gets hurt. Thank you.