Friday, April 11, 2008

What Dreams May Come

I heard something sooooo funny this week, that it would be treasonous not to let you guys know about.
One of my best friends told me two days ago, that he had had a dream the night before, with me in it. Sounds complimenting, right?
(B'Chlal, whenever I do one of those: "blahblahblah, right?" moves, the answer is always "wrong". Just so you know for next time.)
In his dream, he shot me point blank in between my eyes, and I immediately fell backwards. As blood started streaming out, I still quivered and moved, so he shot me two more times, (BAM BAM!!!) in that same spot.
When he told me, we both couldn't stop laughing. Come on, it's pretty funny when your best friend tells you he shot you to death in a dream, right?
(I know, I know, I just told you the rule, and I went against it. But that's life. There are always exceptions. Like now, when it is funny, so I am not going to write "wrong". Sigh. Whatever, you'll just try and have to learn and and make mistakes along the way. I'll try to help, but there might just be too much for me to have to teach you.)