Friday, April 11, 2008

Stormy Night Poem

This poem and the next are ones I had to write in seventh grade. I was 12. Wow, it seems like only yesterday... well not really.
I want to change some things in these, like the semi-colons that I used, but that would kinda take away from the nostalgia and the purity, or whatever, of a 12 year old writer.

Stormy Night

Everyone huddles in the cellar down the stairs.
To go outside in the horrific storm; no one dares.
If schools will open the next day; no one cares,
Because on everyone's mind is the thunder that scares
And how many batteries and food are left in our wares.
Through forests and towns this monster tears,
Houses being destroyed; tables beds, and chairs.
This dangerous demon seems to like the burden it bears,
Acting like foxes; stealing and killing food for the lairs.
There's a loud whistling, like a deadly siren that blares,
And lightning brightening the sky like golden flares
Which accompany these howling, evil nightmares.

Phew, I almost forgot. Please don't plagiarize this. And I'm not trying to be funny. Just quote me, that's all.