Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Rebbetzin's B-day, Part Two

I wanted to correct myself about what I wrote at the end of that post.
The Rebbe said about his wedding that this was the day which connects his chassidim to him, because like the Rebbe explained, that the Freidiker Rebbe said about his daughter, Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka, that her birth constituted the continuation of the Lubavitch Dynasty, and therefore the Rebbe said that his wedding was what connected him....
Get it?
And yes, I know most of that was one long sentence.
And quickly another thought about her birthday, that I had been meaning to write in that post but forgot:
Chof Hey Adar, according to one opinion that we obviously don't follow, is when the world was created!! We instead hold like the opinion in the Gemara which says that Rosh Hashana is in Tishrei, and not in Nissan.
You may be confused. Some people don't realize that when we celebrate Rosh Hashana, it is not when we say the world was created. Instead it is the day that man was created. So the world was actually created on Chof Hey Elul.
Therefore, according to the opinion that Rosh Hashana is the first day of Nissan, then the world was created on Chof Hey Adar- I couldn't choose a better day to share with your birthday!!