Sunday, April 13, 2008

Really Truly Changing The World

While I joked around about changing the world with my blog- Yes, it was kind of a joke, I'm sorry to disappoint you- my uncle is actually part of something huge that really is changing the world.
Although I am very proud of my uncle, I still don't want to give out too much info about who I am, in case the government will find me again. shudder.
But basically, my uncle and others were on this award-winning , famous news show, about how they are using nanoparticles to cure cancer!!! There was this guy with yene machala, who came up with a breakthrough idea, that incorporated nanoparticles, and a doctor took that idea and proved it successful. My uncle used it on mice with certain types of tumors, and it worked amazingly well. They still need to perfect it to work on other, worse types of cancer. It is expected to be four years until they start testing on people. The original guy to come up with whatever they are doing, doesn't think they'll be able to do it to use as a cure for him, before he passes away. But he's out there raising money and funds in hopes of bringing the future closer, and decreasing the estimated years needed in more research.
Let's davven that they are able to make the science fiction into fact, and save countless lives.
Scientists and doctors on the news program said that this was one of the biggest breakthroughs in science.
How cool is that? Can you say Nobel Prize?