Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Oven Guy

Of course, right before Pesach when we're trying to self-clean an oven, it breaks.
And when that happens, we call The Oven Guy.
This guy is a big, older (I can't say old, because he's probably only a little older than my parents...), British guy with white hair and big glasses. This fella' said he was surprised to see how big I was, and he remembers my brother and me being a lot smaller.
Funny, since it was only about two years ago that he saw us last.
I grew what? maybe like three inches, and that's a big maybe.
Actually, the last time we saw him, we were going to take our driving tests, and he told us to go to a certain city nearby, since our own city's DMV were literally hell on earth, and they purposely try to fail you your first time, since that of course builds lots of stuff they call character, and we call burning anger.
Back to our story, though.
The Oven Guy (that's his official name, given at birth. I asked him. Honest.) asked why we had all the surfaces in the kitchen covered. My brother started to explain by saying that it was for Passover, which he had heard of before. And as it turns out, he told us before he left that his mother, or mum (since he's English), is Jewish, so he is also, just he didn't consider himself it!
Well, my bro started explaining, "Well, when the Jews left Egypt from their slavery-"
"Yeah, I know what passover is, but why cover your counters?"
"Um, well we can't have any leavened bread, because it represents haughtiness..."
At this point I turned around and butted into the conversation, because The Oven Guy was here to fix our oven, not to hear about chassidic explanations into how matzah represents bittul. So I said simply, "We can't even have any breadcrumbs, so we clean and cover the counters to make sure there are none left."
"Oh," The Oven Guy answered.
See, it was pretty simple.
Even our dear friend and extension of our family, The Oven Guy, who is also British, (but we won't hold that against him... so much), now knows the beauty and meaning behind Pesach.

This Post was pointless, meaningless, and a waste of everyone's time.
There, so nobody can say it under the comments.
'Cause I got there first.