Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A look at the Rasha of the Hagaddah

Ha, ha ha. No, just kidding. I'm not going to be analyzing any of the sons today.
I haven't posted in a while, so I hope none of you are furious with me. I know it's hard to start your day without reading a bit of what Yossi has to say. (and I totally didn't mean for that to rhyme, but it did anyway. If you didn't catch that, you can go back and read the last line again. You'll see that I'm right.)
Before I begin, let me just tell you that I am posting from the great city of.....Philadelphia!!
Which is like the birthplace of our country. They've got the liberty bell, and the courthouse, and where the Declaration was signed. This was also the first National capital, maybe? Or they were thinking about it? No, am I totally off? whatever. It could have been.
Since my yeshiva starts tomorrow night, I took the time to visit my grandparents. I arrived late last night. Why so early if seder starts two days later? Well, that's a sore subject, but basically after my father made my ticket according to the schedule we were given, my yeshiva decided to push off the day when we would start up again. I wanted to stay home longer, but that notion was rejected. One friend of mine suggested that I spend so much money over these next days, and that way my father will regret not spending the huge sum of money to push off my ticket. While that suggestion did seem to have good merit, in the end I realized that it would not accomplish anything more than me getting in big trouble.
So here's your next question, which I am "ba'var'nin-ing" now: If right now I am at my grandparents for the day, to obviously spend quality time, why am I sitting at the computer? To that, I will answer- We aren't much of a museum family. Oh, we do go. But what better way to relax with family than to sit back and... relax???!!! A novel idea, don't you think? Instead of trekking around a big zoo, or museum, or penitentiary...
Which leads me into the rest of this Ketchup post (get it!! wah, ha, ha!!!.....okay, I'll stop). Sorry, catch-up post.
For Chol HaMoed my family bravely took Blumenkrantz's advice, and avoided malls, museums, circuses, beaches, and all other places with people, and visited a National Park of Redwood Trees. These were Coastal Redwoods, as opposed to the second type, the Sequoias. The ones we saw are thinner and taller, and the Sequoias are much fatter, but shorter.
And after walking around for a bit, we came to a realization- that they are just trees, and when you've seen one or two, you've seen them all.
What surprised me was to meet a few frum families at the forest (that's alliteration, if I remember correctly). This one family was very friendly and absolutely insisted on having us over on Shabbos when me and my sib's were back in the Heights. When they asked to give us their number, we all kind of looked at each other, shuffling our feet. Finally my mom took down their phone number. I'm not sure if any of us took it with us. Not that they didn't seem like a really nice family. It's just... a little awkward I guess to actually give 'em a call and go over one shabbos. Besides, if they really wanted to have us over, they would have asked for our number, right?
Before we walked into the reserve, there was a large, wooden archway with the name of the national reserve at the top. "Let's take a picture here before we go in," one of my siblings suggested.
"No, why would we want to take a picture here??!!!" another sibling of mine asked, clearly belittling the spot as a Kodak moment. What this sibling did not realize was that there were already people posing for pictures at that exact spot. The lady taking a picture was less than two feet from where we were, and I knew she must have heard us. So I threw some water onto the fire, hoping to control the damage. I said, "No, what are you talking about? I think this is an excellent spot!!" in a really innocent manner, and the lady smiled when we walked by, knowing and appreciating what I did. My siblings were embarrassed and tried to get out of there fast.
Always watch what you're saying if people with cameras could get enraged!!

To finish up with my life: the plane was delayed, on time, and then delayed again. We sat on the runway for over an hour, and eventually arrived in Crown Heights after midnight. It was cool that there were frummies on our flight with us. This one Rov from C. H. who was asking me about myself, thought I was married! I guess it's just my really really really really mature attitude. He must not have heard me during the prep talk the flight attendants were giving us. When the lady held up the seat buckle, and showed everyone how to click it in, I said loudly, "ooooh. So that's how a seat belt works." She just laughed, and said I must be from New York to have that sense of humor. Um- no. not really. not at all. Sorry, lady. But of course, I didn't say that. What I did was politely chuckle back and say I must have acquired one. But seriously, why does it have to mean I'm from New York?
And when I finally got into my dorm, I found that we had no power. After borrowing a flashlight, I was finally able to slump onto my bed and fall asleep, exhausted after a day of nothing.