Monday, April 14, 2008

A Look at My Dark Secret

I just wanted to review my last post. I know I don't usually do that with stories or poems I write. I'm not doing it with this one because I think it was really well written or whatever. I still might analyze some other writings of mine I put up.
Anyway, notice how my humor was pretty much the same. I kept on with that purple helmet joke. And it's true, I still have that helmet to this day.
And notice how at the end I put a moral-like thing, which is what I kind of do now, it seems. I guess I find it makes things funnier.
If I were writing that post today, I would probably put the purple helmet as the moral, kind of like I did with the Speedo's in another Dark Past post.
I would have added much more exaggeration, too.
Why am I telling you this and revealing all my secrets?
I'm not sure. If this is wrong, trust me, I'll hear about it, and take it down, lol.
Not the story, but this post.
Totally on a side note, Conan O'brien says a lot of the same things, like, "this show is a goner, anyway, they are never gonna air it". I think that sounds a lot like what I just wrote about this post, that I'll probably take it down anyway.
Also because it's much more informal, more "r" word appropriate. It could be because I'm home, and have more time on hands to write "r" word posts...