Thursday, April 17, 2008

Israel, Baby!!!/ What was my password?

I'm going to Israel, baby!!
Birthright officially accepted me.
IY"H I'll be going at the end of August.
However, there is this debit card thing which I have also, on which I put a deposit of money.
The thing is, that I totally forget what my username and password are. And I made my brother's account also, and I forget his, too. And I put them both on my father's email account, which makes things even more complicated. I'll have to call them on Chol Hamoed, maybe.
Recently, I've been very good with passwords and usernames. I mean, I know about 10 different usernames and 10 different passwords I could have used, or variations. Normally I save them somewhere, or give normal Security Questions.
In the past, I was a complete dummy when it came to making online accounts.
Take the SAT board, for example.
I was able to be part of a cool program led by a prestigious university that allowed seventh graders to take the SAT's. I needed to make an account, in order to apply, and see my scores before they were mailed, etc.
After a few years, when I took them again in 11th, or maybe it was the PSAT's in 10th, or 11th, I don't really remember, I needed to sign back on to my account.
I couldn't for the life of me remember what my password was. I knew my username. And I knew my email, but they would only email me my password if I answered the security question I had chosen with the correct answer I had given.
My question I chose when I was 12 was: What was the name of your first pet?
Sounds pretty normal, right?
Wrong. (See, here, how it works? The wrong after right thing?)
Wrong because I never had a pet. So how could I possibly know its name?!!!
Or a better question: Why did I ever choose such a moronic question?
Of course in seventh grade, I thought I was being funny. I mean, why would I ever forget my password and need the security question, right?
I called the College Board people up, gave them my social security number, and they told me the answer to my security question.
It was Charlie.
(Don't even try to use it, I changed the question to something that actually made sense!!)
I was so mad at my 12-year-old self.
So now again, for my deposit card thing, I'm gonna have to call up Payoneer and figure out what I chose as a username and password.
And airlines' frequent flier accounts? Forget about it.