Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hermit Crab Poem

I know, I know. Another one. Listen, nobody is forcing you to read these. This was on the same notepad as the previous one, which means two years old. This poem is dedicated to the hermit crab (was its name Herman? I don't remember) that my sisters had, and were told incorrectly by an "expert" that he was dead, and subsequently buried it alive in an earrings box in the backyard. Herman, this one's for you.

The Hermit Crab

I was once watching the ocean, and relaxing by the shore,
When I saw a seashell that I had never seen before.
There was a hermit crab, burying itself in the shell's core,
To be by itself, and to be connected with the world no more.

You've been sickened by all the hatred, disappointment, and rejection.
You've closed yourself off from the world, for your solitude and introspection.
You got mad at the world because you didn't find perfection.

So here you are imprisoned within the walls of your shell's core,
But what about friendship, or love, for which you've closed the door?
Even if you had bad things in your life- isn't love worth living for?

_______________. Pretend I just said something humorous about not plagiarizing.