Sunday, April 13, 2008

Gentlemen, start your scrubbers....

That's right, today officially starts the Pesach cleaning season. While most of us have already started, today marks "crunch time".
Don't worry, folks, help is out there for those in need.
My favorite of course is the Blumenkrantz book.
In it, you can read about all the vital pesach information you need, like smoking, Indian Hair Sheitels, and Child-safe Internet.
But my absolute favorite section in there is the one entitled something like, "What to do with your kids on Chol Hamoed".
He says something like, "The cleaning is finished. Your seders went great. Now comes the hardest part of Pesach. The big question becomes: what to do with your kids!!!? perhaps go to a park..." He continues to give good advice while on outings with your family, like counting everyone before leaving, to make sure you have all your children. (!!!) I'm not making that up. You can read it for yourself.
I think that it is so funny and also pretty pathetic that he feels people need help with finally dealing with their family when the kids don't have school. Gosh, where would we be without that advice? We would just be sitting at home, staring at each other, totally awkward, not knowing what to do, especially with four whole days of chol hamoed this year!!
Maybe that's why I turned out the way I am, not having grown up with any family outings on chol hamoed the way Blumenkrantz (ob"m) tells us how we do it. Like I don't think at the zoo my parents would ever have bothered to do head counts of us kids, before they read the pesach book.