Tuesday, April 8, 2008

End of Zman

This will be my last post for this current zman in Yeshiva.
I go home Thursday, IY"H.
I have not been home in around six months.
I am not terribly excited, but it will definitely be good to have a break.
At home, when I do my Pesach cleaning, there are a few things I really want to post, that I wrote a while ago, and I hope I can find them. You will enjoy them. I hope. I think. We'll see.
Anyway, have a Kosher and Freilichin Pesach, coming from a Bochur still in Yeshiva for now. The next post will be from home, where I might take on a more relaxed attitude. I doubt it will Drikt Zich Ois in my posts, but time will tell. So I wanted to wish you a kosher pesach now, since I won't be the same when I get home.
After all, I'll have been a member on a jury, remember. Who knows what type of trauma and effects that could have on me?

*I know I mentioned in one of my first posts that I hate the "r" word, but this post definitely deserves it.