Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Crisis In Yeshiva!!

I'm sure you have all read about this already on Shmais, ve'chulu, but I thought you would all be awaiting my expert testimony about the crisis which is sweeping across yeshiva.
We have had no working washing machine since Thursday!!!!!!!!
I know!!!!!!
To those of you who thought that laundry was not so important, think again. I'm down to my last shirts, you know what I mean. The ones that you bring with you, but don't like enough to actually wear and they hang in your closet, despondently knowing they will never see the light of day....
Well, now I'm being forced to wear every single shirt I have!
By the way, have you ever not worn something, because you used to not like it, or thought you wouldn't, and then when forced to wear it, you find out that it actually isn't that bad? Because that is exactly what has been slowly happening with me!
I'll keep you up to date about laundry developments. I know you rely on me for all of your important news.