Thursday, April 17, 2008


I just finished scrubbing our kitchen floor, for Pesach prep.
The fumes from the bleach were making me extremely dizzy, so I opened the windows- I'm so smart, aren't I?
Well, like the title to this post attests, I felt exactly like Cinderella. No, silly, I didn't fall in love by dancing with a Prince, or have mice make my dress.
I was on my hands and knees scrubbing and scrubbing for about two hours!! No exaggeration. Of course, you won't believe me, even when I say I didn't exaggerate. But it really was two hours.
My wrists, ankles, knuckles, knees and back are all still in pain.
The pants I was wearing have even more bleach spots than before.
But in spite of all the suffering, I actually enjoyed it. The floor was dirty, and looking down when you are done gives you such a great feeling. It was also fun since we had on Irish folk music, which livens up even the most tedious and boring tasks.
The most exciting thing from those two hours? Um, (inside joke if my parents ever read this (and not for the usual reason you might think (you know, that they always correct me on my grammar, and saying "like" or um"))) (I just used a lot of parentheses; looks cool), I guess it would have to be the time that I squeezed out a glob of the soft scrub, and it looked like a question mark. Pretty incredible, huh?
And no, the bleach fumes didn't go to my head.
And no, with that last line, I didn't mean "go to my head" like becoming arrogant. I meant literally, zooming up into my brain and frying brain cells. In case you didn't understand.

Anyone stuck with their pesach cleaning, and need my help,
I'm your Cinderella For Hire.
(Oh, and I'm a size 9.5 shoe. I don't know if there are different sizes for glass slippers.)