Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Breaking Expectations Poem

This poem I wrote two years ago. Just found it. That proves I was cleaning, right?!!!!

Breaking Expectations

Do you ever wish you could be something more?
To do something no one thought you could do before?
That just given the opportunity, you could change the world?
You've kept your flag hidden, now fly it unfurled?

Well that's how I feel, I've just kept it inside-
I thought it was stupid and lame, something I shouldn't confide.

I can envision the way people look at me,
The kind of person that to them I seem to be.
But when will they see the passion burning inside of me?
The cogs and the wheels turning decidedly?
That I have the power to do something great,
Something later generations will wish to replicate!
Don't ask me what it is, I don't know myself-
I feel like an unused book, waiting on the shelf,
Someone pay attention to me, can't you hear me screaming?!!
I just want to help you, don't you see my tears streaming??
But you're all just walking by, totally ignoring me,
Just give me a chance! I'm begging deploringly!!

If I had just one minute, I could change all our lives forever,
If I would put all my heart and soul into one single endeavor!

I'm on my knees, world, give me my time now,
And then maybe people will look at me, and really think.......Wow.

This is copyrighted. I would put that little circle with a "c", but I can't find it here on my limited posting tool-bar. So just pretend that I did.