Friday, April 18, 2008

Any Producers Out There?

I just read something pretty amazing.
And don't you roll your eyes at me and think, "Well, if you thought a glob of bleach that looked like a question mark was incredible, this time it has to be something huge!".
It really is amazing.
The Oscar winning movie Juno is best loved for its witty writing.
Guess who was the screenwriter, or script-writer, or whatever?
I don't know either, but the point is, that the guy who wrote the script was a blogger!!!
That's right, the producers found out about the guy because of his humorous blog, and liked his style or whatever and had him write them their movie.
How about that!!??
If you don't know where I'm going with this, I'll get to the point quickly.
I write a blog.
I think it's a good one.
Therefore, I could be the next guy-who-writes-funny-scripts-for-movies-about-teenage-girls-having-babies guy!!!
Well, I'm sure I could go out of the box a little, and write about any other subject.
So if any producers are reading this blog, I'll tell you right now I might be interested.
Your people will have to contact my people.

oh...who wants to be my "people"? I'm gonna need those first.

Okay, I'll let you go finish washing the Romaine Lettuce. Just think this one over.
Have a Kosher and Frelichin Pesach!!
And if you think of a great movie idea while searching for the Afikomen tomorrow night, and need a blogger-turned-screenwriter, you know who to call. Or comment. Or email. Whatever.