Thursday, April 17, 2008

Almost at 100...

This post is my 96th published post (I've got one or two drafts. Things I've either taken off or plan to maybe possibly post. Which means you probably will never see them.).
And I want to do something big for my 100th post. Not something small, like my 1-month anniversaries. I'm thinking bigger.
Like maybe hosting a huge party, maybe at the Jewish Childrens' Museum, how 'bout that? Like a big cocktail party, for all my adult readers, and some lemonade for me and my fellow underage drinkers. I could try to get Piamenta or something. They probably read my blog, no?
Anyway, jokes aside, I wanted to do some sort of "Fans' favorite Post", or favorite label, at least, from my blog.
I was going to make this just a poll, instead of a post where you'll have to comment, but first of all, I'm trying to get to 100, remember. And second of all, it is slightly depressing to give seven option choices, and the winner having two votes....sniff.
So I'm not sure if you want me to choose like 10 posts for you to vote on, or if I should do just which favorite label you have, (My Dark Past, Shake it Like Shakespeare, Funny (or what I think is funny), Random, Current Events, Yeshiva Life, Profound Profundities- am I missing any?). Or maybe I should choose from all my posts funny lines, or something, and you can vote on which quips of mine you like the best.
That last idea would be really dull work on my part. It would mean I'd have to read my entire blog, all 96 posts, including this one. But I guess for any of the other ideas I threw on the table, I'd still have to read my blog. That's going to be boring. Maybe I'll have someone else do it...
Another problem is that who is to say that I might not say something so extraordinary in the next three posts, before the big 100, that you'd all try to change your votes in the end?
For now, you can say in the comments which post you enjoyed the most, or what category, or which line.
And if I only get one or two comments, I'll just reasonably assume that of the hundreds upon hundreds of loyal readers I have, everyone agrees with those two comments, and therefore felt no need to suggest their own. Comments are different than polls, see. If I only get three votes, that is because a comment- not everyone feels comfortable with, but a poll- nobody can pass up a poll, so to choose from only three votes on a poll, or three comments, I'll take the comments.

Did this whole post make sense, or did you see it for what it is, just an excuse to get to 100?
Ha, ha. No, I'm kind of joking (sort of). I really am curious as to what I wrote that you like the best. And then I'll bring it out from the vaults for a very limited time, in a Golden Edition, or something, for the big 100.