Wednesday, March 19, 2008

You Crown Height-zers

You know, I was beginning to like you guys, and then you blow it.
Here's how:
On Friday morning I buy challahs to give out to the people on my mivtzoim route (which I'll post about later).
At a certain bakery (I won't spread loshon hara), I asked the man in charge of the bakery if the flour was kemach yashan. I did this because every week a guy asks me if the challoh we give him is yashan. So the guy told me it was. Okay, fine. (That is a big inside joke, you really needed to read my blog well to find out what I'm talking about.)
I was waiting for my order to be filled, when this guy walked around the counter and asked me: "Can I ask you a question?" I told him yes. He asked me if I knew what Yashan is. I told him I wasn't 100% sure about all the halachos, but it had something to do with waiting until a pesach passes, to use the flour. He got angry and asked: "If you don't know what Yashan is, why are you asking me if the challah is Yashan? I don't know either what it is."
Now, he was the bloody manager of the bakery!!!! I can ask him any darn question about the flour I want, and he better darn know about the flour he uses, since he's the guy in charge!! But I got a little flustered, and told him I didn't care, but it was for a guy on my mivtzoim route. He asked me if the guy was frum. I told him not really.
"So you see something is a little fishy, right?" he asked me, implying that it is wrong for someone to seek stricter standards of kashrus, which totally ticked me off. I was really angry at this manager now.
He didn't care if someone wanted Yashan, if he wasn't frum, and also, he kept implying that if I don't know myself exactly what it is, I have no right to ask him, the bloody owner of the bakery (I like the word bloody)!!!!
So I asked him one more time if everything was yashan, since he had just admitted that he had no idea what it meant.
So sorry all you Crown-Heightzers, but he just caused my respect of ya'll to plummet.