Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Okay, I really need to go back now and evaluate... well... everything I ever learned.
Here's why:
I always heard that cutesy rhyme: "How much wood could a Woodchuck chuck if a Woodchuck could chuck wood." And who hasn't?
For some reason, I always assumed that a Woodchuck is like a beaver or something. I mean, do you know what a woodchuck is???
Anyway, since I assumed that a woodchuck is like a beaver, I also assumed that to chuck wood meant like to gnaw on wood, like beavers do, right? So the riddle was asking: if a woodchuck could actually do that with wood, like eat it or gnaw on it, then how much could they do?
And then I always had that nagging question: if a woodchuck really can't chuck wood, then why is it called a woodchuck????
So just recently I heard someone say that they heard the exact amount calculated how much wood a woodchuck could chuck. And I assumed it meant "eat". But talking with him, and everyone else at the table, I found out that "chuck" here meant "throw" the whole time!!!!
And the question was how much wood could this animal throw if it could throw wood?
This whole time and I never knew!!!
Did you guys know this whole time, and nobody felt the need to tell me!!!!!??????
Everyone was just laughing not with me, but at me???
I feel so hurt that I was wrong this whole time.
But again the question remains, doesn't it? Why is it called a woodchuck if it can't do what its name says?
*OOOHHHH!! I was so right the whole time. Thanks for the help, p puff!!