Monday, March 10, 2008

Witness to a Wedding

There was a small wedding that took place recently in my Yeshiva's hall. They needed bochurim to be the Edim for the Kesuba.
I was one of the four that were picked to go downstairs to help out.
My job was that of an: Areiv Kablan for the Chasan.
Which means that if he cannot pay, or is unavailable to pay, for the expenses of the wedding, or of the Kesuba, I'm there to pay instead.
Nice, huh? I mean, weddings aren't that expensive, right?
So I signed my name where I was shown, and pics were taken.
They failed to ascertain whether I was financially secure enough to take on such an obligation. Big mistake on their part, because they would have found out that the only time I worked in my whole life was this past summer at an overnight camp, where I made about 30 cents an hour. Oh well.