Tuesday, March 25, 2008


My Purim was good, baruch hashem. Thanks for asking. How was yours?
I read the megillah three times. Twice at Dumbo, and once on my mivtzoim route. That time was probably my favorite, because afterwards we offered everyone a L'Chaim.
I know most of the three people who voted on my poll thought I should either dress up as my brother, or as a folding chair, but I couldn't find those costumes. You guys are all talk. It's easy to suggest what I should dress up as, but nobody explained to me how to achieve any of them!
Instead, I dressed up in some overalls, and a bright orange shirt, and a hat I borrowed from a friend of mine, that was big and pink (the hat, not my friend. Gosh, why do I need to clarify these things for you guys??). The hat said Happy Birthday, and had candles coming up from the top. Walking around in Manhattan, everyone gave me a second or even third glance. You'd be surprised at how many people wished me a happy birthday as we passed on the street.
After mivtzoim, when I was riding on the subway back to Crown Heights, an old, crazy man came into my subway car, dragging boxes of candies and cassette tapes to sell. He looked at me with large, scary eyes, and yelled: HEEEEYYYY!!!!!
I thought he might start spitting on me, or who knows what. Instead, he just started singing Happy Birthday for me really loudly. Everyone started laughing. I explained to him that it wasn't my birthday, I was just wearing the hat.
Ummm.... what else? I think I was M'Kayim: Ad D'Lo Yada, a little on Friday, more Friday night, and a lot on Shabbos Day (Shushan Purim, so it still counted.)
The weather here was pretty bad, in my opinion. It wasn't so cold, but it was extremely windy.
Okay, now that I'm talking about the weather, you know this post is going downhill, and I better stop now.