Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My Dark Past: The Thermo-electric Fridge

This isn't so far back in the past. It happened two and a half years ago, in the beginning of my first year of Zal. My roommates and I decided that we needed to get a refrigerator.
There is a Best Buy near that yeshiva, and we walked over to choose the best one (i.e. the cheapest). We found a small one, a little bit more than 1 cubic foot, for around fifty dollars, maybe. I don't remember the exact price, but it looked awfully spacious, and it was really cheap. It said on the box that it was "thermo-electric". I didn't know what that was, but I was sure it had to do with one of those crazy environmental laws, you know what I mean.
It was also about fifty pounds. The Best Buy was a three minute walk from our yeshiva and dormitory, and I was young and naive.
Therefore I bought the darn thing and hoisted it up and carried it slowly back! It was heavier than I thought it would be.
Anyway we set it up in our room, and followed the directions to turn it on. I noticed again how there was a lot of space, and I thought it was strange that there was no big engine thing-a-ma-gigee at the back, like I thought most fridges had. Oh well, we all thought.
When we put our drinks in the fridge, and came back a few hours later, we saw that they weren't cold. The fridge itself was like fifty or sixty degrees inside!!!
We finally read the manual and found out that what a "thermo-electric fridge" basically means is that instead of being a fridge, it's just a box with a fan at the back, and can cool things down about 15 degrees colder than the room temperature. Oh.
Everyone made a lot of fun out of me, since it was my idea to buy it.
And then we had to return it. What did I decide to do?
Of course, being young and naive (again, I know, I don't learn from my mistakes) I shlepped that big piece of junk back towards Best Buy. The only thing was that I realized when I almost got there that the day was Sunday, on which the store closes early!!!! So I stopped, not wanting to carry it any farther for no reason, and lugged that bad boy back home.
But when I got back I found out that because it was the Kratzmach holiday season, really the store was open!!!
My back was pretty sore by now. The next night, of course, I carried it back once more, all the way, and returned it. That was it for us and for us buying in stores where they try to dupe you into buying junk fridges that don't work. I had my dad order one from online and ship it to us.
Of course, when that fridge came, we saw right away that there was a lot less room on the inside, and it had the big reassuring engine thingee-doo at the back.
The moral of the story: Never buy anything thermo-electric if you want it to work.