Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My Dark Past: The Coward

When I was young (Cue The Lion King's: When I was a young warthoooog!!), I was your average, run-of-the-mill (does anyone actually know what that means? Just wondering...), immature, getting into minor trouble, kid. But I had this other side to me, and which I still have today, and which I hated then and sometimes it still aggravates me now.
I was always, always, always, the "Guys, I think we should go back" guy. Aaarrghh. It drive me nuts to think about it.
I guess it was a strong sense of practicality, or of right and wrong, or even a mature responsibility. Maybe it was because there was nobody else to say it, so I had to take on that role.
But no matter what it was that we were doing, whether it was walking in the snow with our sleds farther and farther into the golf course and away from our house in order to find better sledding hills, or whether it was leaving our bikes under a road which ran over a brook and we would be scrambling over wet rocks to explore in the woods along the path of the creek, or at the beach when we would make our way slowly along the cliffs and the steep sides that would take us to other parts of the water's edge-
I always was the "Guys, maybe we should head back" guy.
Since I was always worried, I could never have fun. And it was hard for the others to have fun when I kept nagging them about "Maybe we shouldn't be doing this".
I wonder what kind of fun and awesome experiences and memories I would have if I never had opened my mouth. On the other hand, I wonder how many scratches from branches I would have gotten, or broken bones from falling off of slippery rocks, or dinners missed, or bikes stolen, or a certain body part spanked, if I hadn't.
I would continue writing this, but I should probably stop, because "It's starting to get dark", and "what would Mom and Dad say?"