Wednesday, March 5, 2008

At The Shabbos Table

First I must tell you a story that I heard two years ago from a shliach of mine.
There was this frum bochur who was about 18 years old. He ate over at this family's house on shabbos. They had a 12 year old daughter. Don't ask me any questions, but he basically decided: okay, I'll marry her. And for the next six years, without any concerns for his future at all, he was able to accomplish many things as a bochur that otherwise he wouldn't have been able to do. Because he knew who and when he would get married. So when that girl was 18, they got married, and he's now a big shliach in Russia, I think.
So the same thing happened to me this past shabbos, where I ate the day meal. There was a girl there who was pretty, mature for her age, and smart. She also had a really good sense of humor. Like when we were all sitting there and she called out, "TUSHY!! TUSHY CREAM!!" Come on, that's hilarious!
The only problem is that I don't know if I can wait like 16 years for her to be ready to get married.
And also she has to get rid of that diaper rash problem.
Oh well.