Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Again, you crown heightzers!!

That wasn't the end of it.
Last Friday night, my class was invited to eat and farbreng at a teacher's house. I had been in his apartment before, so I knew it was either on carroll or crown street.
I was walking with a friend of mine, and we went up to an apartment building which I thought was the right one. The first doors were wide open, and we walked up, and then I realized we had the wrong place. I asked a guy who just walked in if so-and-so lived there, but he wasn't sure.
As my friend and I left and crossed the street to head down to crown street, a big, white-bearded Lubavitcher ran over to us and started screaming at us. Lots of people walking back from 770 turned to here him.
This guy was mad about something, and it took me a while to figure it out. He kept saying: "You just left there and you let that drunk black man (he actually used a different word) into your apartment building!"
We both kept asking him: "what are you talking about?" we had seen a black man walk up to the door after us, but we didn't think anything of it.
"You guys live there, you should go back and kick him out of there! He came in after you left!" the guy screamed. I thought he meant we left the door open, so I told him that the doors were wide open to begin with. Then I told him that we didn't live there, and we got the wrong address.
"Still," he said, "why should I have to go kick him out? You guys need to go do it, since you let him in" and so it went.
We basically just walked on, and let him go to that apartment building.
I couldn't believe why he was so upset at us. I mean, am I to assume that if someone is black, he does not live in an apartment building???!! That is ridiculous!
So that upset me a lot.
You Crown Heightzers really need to make it up to me if you want me to like you again.