Monday, February 4, 2008

Some Little Funny Bits

So I was speaking with my great aunt yesterday. She is 92, Kenaina Hara, and may G-d bentch her to live 90 more happy and healthy years. Anyway, I told her that I went skiing, and she was very amazed. I asked her if she had ever gone skiing. "No," she told me, "but I did go roller skating once!" I started laughing, but she continued and said, "And I almost broke both my hips!"
I guess it was much more of a dangerous activity than it is now. Maybe there are new regulations... but there clearly is a generation gap.

And yesterday, this guy in my Yeshiva was telling us that when he was a little younger, he bought a poof, like a body sponge to use in the shower. It hurt him a lot, and formed marks on his skin.
He said it turned out to be steel wool!!!! He wondered why they were selling it in the kitchen department!