Sunday, February 3, 2008

Not A Laughing Matter

This is not suitable for young readers.

This is not a funny post at all. AT ALL.
On Friday I was coming back from Mivtzoim, on the 4 subway, and I wanted to stop and get off at the Atlantic Center to go to Target. As I walked off the subway car, I noticed right away that something was wrong. People were pointing down and screaming. I looked, and two feet away, on the ground, there was a man lying on his back, motionless. I first thought it was a prank. Then I saw the POOL OF BLOOD!!! around his head, and then I thought he was dead, G-d forbid.
We could see his arm twitching a little, and you could hear his slow, labored breathing. It was awful! The man was dying! His eyes were bloodshot and not focusing on anything. I have never seen something so scary in my life!
Have you ever heard about the deer in the headlights syndrome, when panic and adrenaline kind of overtake you, and you just forget what to do? It was exactly like that. I couldn't think. I was getting slightly dizzy, I couldn't look at the poor man. I got a little nauseous too. I finally whipped out my phone to call 911, then realized others had already done that.
I knew very very basic first aid, but I could see nothing I could do to help him.
Some girls I asked who had seen it happen told me that he was looking out for the train, and it came and smacked him in the face and forced him to fly backwards. His wallet was out, but that was probably because someone took it out to identify him.
I realized later that maybe I could have helped by tilting his mouth and making sure he didn't drown in his own blood, but I was just scared and there were twenty other people around.
A minute later, the subway security came, shooing us away. About four minutes later we heard sirens. A half hour later, after I finished my shopping, the 4 train was still not running.
I hope that man made it through the night. Everyone tells me he had little chance of surviving.
I was worried I might have been traumatized. I asked someone in my yeshiva, and he told me I didn't look it. I answered that maybe I just take it well. He told me that that means I'm not traumatized. Oh.
Anyway, I get dizzy just thinking about it again. It will be a long time until I can forget that image. It was really the scariest thing I've ever seen

* HaArah LeAcher Zman: Someone told me that online it says that the man lived. So baruch hashem.