Thursday, February 21, 2008

In Gan Eden Ha'Elyoin

I davened this morning in Gan Eden Ha'Elyoin. (Pshhhhh.)
I went for three reasons:
  1. It was my camper's bar mitzvah, he came in from Edmonton (Somewhere far away in Canada)
  2. I was pretty sure a bochur whose bar mitzvah I went to last shabbos was getting his first aliyoh (he was)
  3. I had a really hard gemorah test today, and I needed my prayers answered
I'm kidding about that third one, well, I'm kidding about going to pray for my test, but I was serious that it was a hard test.

So here's what's bugging me:
There were at least two bochurim there that I saw, who didn't have their shirts tucked in. Now, you'll say: "Yossi, so what? Like you tuck your shirt in always?" Well, you're right, I rarely tuck in my shirt (sorry Dad), but when you are somewhere like GAN EDEN HA'ELYOIN, come on, you've gotta tuck in!! Do they have no hergesh (looks weird in English)?
So that got me ticked off a little.
But it was still amazing, like always, to be able to daven in the Rebbe's room.