Monday, February 11, 2008

I'm Gonna Be Famous In Japan

So Mendy Pellin has been getting quite a bit of media attention, appearing on Leno, and being written up in the N.Y. Times.
Therefore, this Japanese tv show called: streets of New York, wanted to do a documentary on him. And since he went to my yeshiva, they came in to film us davening, learning, and speaking to mendy on his own show for Chabad Tube.
They interviewed me and another guy, and Mendy had us do some stupid stuff for his show. He is a funny guy, but the humor is kind of lame, in my opinion. But it's cool about the Japanese show, because they said they get 68 million viewers a week. MILLION. That's a lot. My friend who got interviewed with me also happens to be my advertiser. That means that he goes to other blogs, posts comments in my name and write my blog address, then he tells me after he already does it, hears me flip out about it, and does it again. So I thought for sure he was going to say my blog's name in the interview, but he forgot. Imagine if I suddenly got a huge, 20,000 following in Japan. Wouldn't that be cool?
But then, an ominous thought occurred to me. What if it was all fake? A big prank? That Mendy was just doing it for his own show, and he hired these phony Japanese people? That would be...... awesome!! That would be the funniest thing ever. It would totally make me respect and appreciate Mendy Pellin more.