Monday, February 11, 2008

ARRGH, I Can't Stand It When:

There are lots of things I can't stand. Here are a few:

  1. Short people/Being short with an umbrella
  2. Eating somewhere where the bathroom is right next to the dining room! I mean, I've eaten at a few places where it is right off of the dining room, and everyone can hear exactly how your business is coming along! Why do people put bathrooms right there? At this one place, the bathroom was right off of the dining room, and the kitchen as well! So there were a whole group of women chatting in there, and a lot of guests in the dining room, you tell me where my privacy comes in!!?? I mean, thank G-d the light was off, so even though I could have used it anyway (Yeah, I'm just so talented. It wasn't completely dark), instead I used it as an excuse to ask for a bathroom upstairs. It's just so unnerving, though, the whole thing! You have to turn on the sink, or keep flushing, just to make sure nobody can hear you. arrrrgh.
  3. You get a haircut, and have thousands of tiny little hairs all over you, and when you want to shower, you find out that in your dormitory, the water is mysteriously not working, and only very, very cold water comes out of a shower on the second floor. And since this is the only source of running water, you've gotta just psyche yourself up and plunge your head into that darn cold shower, and when you finish, since you didn't shower properly, the whole day you itch all over from tiny hairs that are still on you. (This happened today, by the way. Otherwise I wouldn't have known about its existence at all as something I can't stand.)

I'm sure I'll remember more later.