Monday, January 14, 2008

The Problem in Lubavitch

The biggest problem in Lubavitch is that when you read the title to this post, each of you thought of three different topics I could be talking about. The biggest problem is that there are so many problems (deep, I know).
But the one I'll talk about now is the Ant-Mishachist, or Lubavitch-Anti (as in against lubavitchers) problem. It is a political war, and driving us all apart. In war both sides lose no matter who comes out on top. War is bloody and brutal. The only side which will truly win is the "Side which doesn't take sides" side.
I want to try to stay out of the politics, but I feel I have to mention those women who don't fast on Yom Kippur because Moshiach is already here. Any idiot on the street can look outside and tell that this is not the Geulah HaAmitis. And whether or not the Rebbe is hiding in the basement of 770, I don't want to discuss.
One thing, for sure, is that the Rebbe is 100% against us fighting, and people who physically beat up others because of their opposite views, and who throw seforim and break a Shliach's legs and tear-gas the Rebbe's secretary at an Achdus rally in Israel... you get the idea. To hate someone for thinking differently is not the Ahavas Chinam that is supposed to bring Moshiach. That was the problem with Rabbi Akiva's students: each thought he was helping his friend by showing him the correct way of thinking, by being angry and hating him. 24,000 students of Rabbi Akiva died, Haya Lo Sihiya (it's hard to transliterate)!
Therefore the best way to solve the problem is to stay out. Nobody is changing anyone else's opinions. It doesn't matter that an event does not have Yechi signs up, you can still go to it.
You know, in Oholei Torah a bochur invited friends to his house for shabbos. His father started to farbreng with them, his own guests, but when the yeshiva found out about it they told the bochur not to invite classmates over to his house again, since his father is an Anti.
That is ridiculous! 
To quote the Moshav Band: "Will it never stop (woah, oh) will it never end?"