Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Please Speak Properly

One of the things I can't stand about Crown-Heightzers is how they don't speak properly. Please, please, try to put a little teensy bit of grammar and thought into your daily lives.
Instead of "scrame", say "screamed."
Instead of "costed", say "cost." It costed five dollars? No it didn't, it cost five dollars.
Also, your team can never win anything besides for a game, not another team.
Also, sentences don't end with the word "but."
It's these small things which just make you sound so stupid. Another thing is how you tell stories.
First of all, stop with the "okay, fine" you always add in every two lines. And don't repeat words to stress them. I'll give an example: "So I was walking to the butcher, okay fine. And I wanted to buy a chicken- a chicken!" and you end in that higher note. Arggh, it drives me crazy. Just say the darn story and get one with it.
Thank you.